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Account Holder: Phethahatso Community Development
Account Type: Cheque account
Account number 62347726856
Bank: FNB
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  1. How the World Sees Us

  2. As an organization,those whose lives have been touched by us ,see us as a change champion.Some see us as a partner in development while others see us as their last hope in building their livelihoods.We see ourselves as specialist partners of communities in rural development.
  3. Other people who see the world as a global family see it as an extremely unequally endowed community. South Africa particularly ranks exceptionally high in the economic inequality scale.This is where our beneficiaries see us as champions while some of  those who  are economically better endowed feel it is not their responsibility to extend a hand up action to anyone who is under resourced but is doing something to get up.
  4. We implore the South African business community to re think their stand towards giving.Not everyone can afford to have a university degrre in the procedures of how to apply for a worthy grant.Many of the corporations which can afford to fund development hide behind the so called proper grant write up standards. As a result their donations revolve around the elite non profit organizations missing the very people who need assistance.This does not exonerate other countries which can afford.We are all one family.
  5. Take a moment and think of all your opportunities, all of your options that are available to you today, and every day. You live in a country where the wonders of modern living are available to take care of our daily needs. For most of us, there is food, shelter, medical care, transportation, entertainment of some sort, communication with coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Not everyone is so lucky.
  6. While you go about your day, also think about those who cannot boast of any of the above; not even access to basic food stuffs. If you practice love in action, that is how the World sees you. If you don’t, we implore you to let your love touch someone beyond yourself and your nuclear family. Then the world will see your love in action.
  7. Phethahatso Community development:Believing more in economic community action than in talking


As a volunteer working with local people, you can make a meaningful contribution to the community. We have a variety of programs for volunteers of all levels, from inexperienced to professional, in every corner of the world.

If you want to help the needy,fight poverty and protect our planet from environmental degradation, join our volunteer program. Complete the Volunteer Application to become a member:


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Phethahatso Community Development herein after only referred to as Phethahatso is a comprehensive community development [none profit organization] which has a heavy emphasis on “FOOD SECURITY” to the disadvantaged even though its scope of vision and operation transcends food security. Our entry point is to address the short term interventions such as feeding the vulnerable people including the orphans. 

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