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Phethahatso, whose main object is the creation of sustainable solutions to the current socio economic threats of the South African rural communities, is set to:

  • Address issues of food insecurity and socio economic in equality
  • Empower rural communities so that people can build on rural culture and assets and create their own unique future.
  • Capacitate rural people so that they can take advantage of the current land redistribution programs and enter commercial farming with adequate farming skills.
  • Prepare our current pool of farmers in the food gardens program for intensive and commercial primary agro production and processing.
  • Make  beneficiaries of its programs export ready.
  • Obviously, create jobs for the easily forgettable rural people.
  • Enter into and partner with other businesses in non agro investments.


Our vision is to be the most present and active rural development practitioners in the country.

Phethahatso innovates, crafts and implements socio economic programs that make entrepreneurs out of rural community individuals.

We are headquartered in the Vaal in Gauteng Province-South Africa.
We are currently available  in Gauteng and the Free State. We are involved with 250 households, schools, churches and day cares. Our flagship is our agro  hub in Vereeniging. The hub is the launching pad for newly capacitated agro entrepreneurs.
All companies which are serious about CSI programs get a special position and a role to play in our hub.

Where is the company heading

Phethahatso is predominantly operating in food security and agro entrepreneurship projects in Gauteng and the neighbouring Free State rural areas. However, the organisation sees itself as a global citizen. Our short-term goal is to address food security in the two provinces we are currently operating in, followed by a medium-term goal of addressing food security and agro entrepreneurship development nationally. Our long-term goal is to expand our programs within the (Southern African Development Community) SADC, Africa at large and the world.

and so on. This suggests that development is a much broader concept than simply income growth and other economic indicators.


In the process, we take care of community members who are HIV sufferers. We first distribute produce from our gardens free. As the patients CD4 count improves, we then train them the same way we train others.

We encourage all forms of rehabilitated addicts and criminals to join our project. All this escalates and culminates into a more structured Agri Centre based business which embodies all the college learning features as well as all the food production and the agro industry features.

We  teach all how to produce, process, and package and market all we produce. There will be cottage industries here using our indigenous materials and agricultural produce which will fill the shelves of the local and national supermarkets .The key player here will be the ordinary people, many of whom are HIV/AIDS sufferers, rehabilitated criminals and drug addicts.  This will be our central processing, training and marketing hub. We have a model which uses a home based care to cater for the HIV sufferers. The centre will cater for other multi skills development needs.

Our Major Activies

We are currently focusing on:

    1. Orphan Feeding scheme and feeding of HIV/AIDs sufferers [ this is a short term intervention]
    2. Food Gardens –production of vegetables and development of local market
    3. Small scale livestock—Poultry and pig production
    4. Intensive training of beneficiaries on Food Production in large and small scale farming.
    5. Preparation of the best candidates for emerging commercial farmers[ where we rely on government cooperation to make farm land available]
    6. Home based care –This augers well with food security
    7. Agro business and idea development incubation
    8. Our Foot Print

We feed 250 Orphans

    1. We established 175 food gardens
    2. We have assisted 15 HIV/AIDs sufferers with weekly food rations
    3. We have benefitted  1,200 people through our food gardens
    4. 1,000 more people are on our waiting list in Sebokeng alone
    5. We have developed a pool of 400 trainable agro business lovers and candidates.
    6. 200 of our beneficiaries are ready for agro incubation
    7. We invite everyone to help us build our agro Incubation Hub


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Phethahatso Community Development herein after only referred to as Phethahatso is a comprehensive community development [none profit organization] which has a heavy emphasis on “FOOD SECURITY” to the disadvantaged even though its scope of vision and operation transcends food security. Our entry point is to address the short term interventions such as feeding the vulnerable people including the orphans. 

Contact Us

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Telephone: +27 16 4283357
Cell: +27 73 156 2461
E-mail: moeketsi@phethahatso.org.za